What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring non-surgical is a popular body sculpting fat removal technique that uses noninvasive technology to target and eliminate stubborn body fat in areas such as the abdomen, arms, back, chest, hips and thighs. This procedure also aims to improve body shape and texture by reducing the appearance of cellulite. It does not require any surgical incisions, so it is much safer and less painful than traditional body contouring surgeries. The body contouring technology used in non-surgical body sculpting treatments is typically radiofrequency or ultrasound energy. Both of these technologies produce heat that breaks down fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated from the body over a period of weeks. Non-surgical body contouring is a great option for those who want to improve their body shape without the risks and downtime associated with surgery. It can also be used to enhance body contours after traditional body contouring procedures. Body sculpting non-surgical treatments are generally suitable for all skin types and body sizes, although they may not provide results as dramatic as body contouring surgery. Your body contouring specialist can provide you with more information about body sculpting non-surgical treatments and help you decide if it is the right choice for your body goals.

What is Non Surgical Body Contouring?

The body contouring non-surgical treatments available in most clinics are safe and effective when performed by an experienced professional. Your body contouring specialist will evaluate your body goals, areas of concern and desired outcome before recommending a body sculpting treatment that is best for you. During body contouring non-surgical treatments, the targeted area is typically numbed with a topical anesthetic, so that you can relax and remain comfortable during the body sculpting procedure. After body contouring non-surgical treatments, patients may experience some temporary redness and swelling in the treated areas. The body’s natural healing process will then take over to eliminate any remaining fat cells and improve body shape and texture. The body contouring specialist will provide you with detailed post-treatment instructions to help ensure that you get the best results.

Body contouring non-surgical treatments can be used to reduce body fat in specific areas and improve body shape. If you’re looking for a safe, minimally invasive body sculpting treatment, body contouring non-surgical treatments may be right for you. Make an appointment with a body contouring specialist today to learn more about this body sculpting technique.

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