Taut & Toned

Taut & Toned

A sculpted and toned physique with the advanced technology of Emsculpt Neo and Emtone, innovative treatments designed to enhance muscle definition and skin texture. Emsculpt Neo uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions, simultaneously building muscle mass and burning fat. Complementing this, Emtone employs non-invasive radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy to address cellulite and improve skin elasticity. These treatments offer a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to enhance their body contours.

Ideal for both men and women, Emsculpt Neo and Emtone can target various areas, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms. Candidates for these treatments include those looking to refine their physique, whether to address specific problem areas or to achieve an overall sculpted look. Results are typically noticeable after a few sessions, with optimal outcomes achieved over several weeks. The longevity of results varies, but maintenance sessions can extend the benefits. Ready to transform your body? Book an appointment at Coral Springs Med Spa in Coral Springs, FL, and embark on your journey to a more sculpted and toned you.


Improved muscle tone and definition

Reduction in fat deposits

Enhanced skin texture and elasticity

Targeted cellulite reduction

Non-invasive and no downtime

Customizable treatment plans

Safe and FDA-approved

Quick and convenient sessions

Suitable for various body types

Long-lasting results with proper maintenance

Taut & Toned: Emsculpt & Emtone

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Individuals seeking muscle toning and skin improvement.

Noticeable improvements can be observed after a few sessions.

Results vary, but maintenance sessions prolong the benefits.

No downtime; minimal side effects include mild discomfort or redness.

Follow pre-treatment guidelines and post-treatment care provided by your practitioner.

Experience muscle contractions and skin tightening with the advanced technology of Emsculpt Neo and Emtone.

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